The IN system from Mobilnuova has been designed to adapt to any kind of space, any room in the home, and any composition. The structural components come in nine heights, five widths, and four depths, and can be put together in a vast range of schemes, allowing you to create infinite designs.

The modular nature of the IN system is about more than just dimensions, extending to the look as well. We’ve singled out six different kinds of lifestyles, designing a customized decorative concept for each. With just a few little touches, just a few variables, every composition becomes totally personalized, to meet a wide range of needs and preferences.

The IN system is conceived to furnish every room in the house. For this reason, in addition to the structural components that are the foundation of the system and the spacers and pilasters that finish it off, special units have been designed for entrance, kitchen, living room and bedroom, fitting in smoothly with every construction scheme.


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