• A story of pride and tradition

    Nearly half a century ago, the current owners decided to pool their enthusiasm, skills and dedication to open an artisan workshop, which they can still recall with pride. But actually, the roots of their business go back to the very end of the 19th century, when their grandparents, in the hills of the Val di Chiana, blazed the trail by building wardrobes and dressers. The traces of this time-honoured adventure and the mark of this old enthusiasm can still be found in every piece from Mobilnuova Ambienti: always an outstanding industrial product, with a spirit rooted in the Tuscan furniture tradition.

  • An outstanding industrial enterprise

    As it approaches the prestigious milestone of fifty years in business, Mobilnuova Ambienti can look with pride at what it has become. An outstanding industrial operation that has managed to strike the perfect balance between cutting-edge technology and highly-skilled manual craftsmanship. The result: products made with top precision but also brimming with personality, competitively priced but of the utmost quality, designed for mass production but unique in their finishes. A classic range with one eye on the contemporary world In its history and personality, Mobilnuova Ambienti definitely leans towards the classic. Most of its product line is made up of collections with a clearly traditional style. Still, the owners’ desire and ability to keep pace with the market has led them to move beyond these boundaries, exploring the very latest in design, the most contemporary shapes and looks. The company’s range is now so complete that it can offer top-quality solutions for every need.

  • A future of quality and sustainability

    For a business to be at the forefront of industry, its technology must not only ensure top-notch products, but take other factors into account that add to the value of a company. Chief among them is quality, guaranteed by obtaining the most stringent product and system certifications. And today, sustainability: a field where Mobilnuova Ambienti has made considerable investments in solar power, to provide the energy it needs to keep working and keep getting better.

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